At heart I am a materialist, process driven artist—I respond to tactile materials that I think are malleable enough to knit, and/or are visually intriguing to me. I respond to the texture and allure I find in natural material such as logs or seeds, or conversely in discarded manufactured materials like rusted iron or used dryer sheets. I then think about how I can use needlework techniques to turn this material into a platform for my artistic concerns. 

Materiality, textile tradition stretched to the non-traditional, and ecological/evolutionary/biological concerns form the triad that drives my work.I use the vocabulary of textiles to create sculptural and 2-D forms that reflect my experiences with nature. I choose textiles in part because of the implicit references to domesticity and binary gender that informed my upbringing. The quiet repetition of a stitch is essential to my existence and aids me in pursuing the depth of my own consciousness.

The significance of the conversations I have with my son and daughter in law— both evolutionary biologists and ecologists, inform my work. Their rich scientific language as we talk often sounds poetic to me and offers launching points for my work.

Daily walks in my urban environment, immersed in the lush park system of my neighborhood, fuels my spirit and my visual influences. I post what catches my eye on IG (@artknitter) and find that the images intuitively find their way into the art. 

Dr Thayer Hallidayschult and Dr Jessica Beyer

My Collaborating Ecologists/Biologists

Photo from 2014 opening of "The Poetics of Evolution"